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Duffy Bishop: Home

Waailin' Duffy

Duffy at The Waterfront Blues Festival:

This Friday night, July 24th, The Duffy Bishop Band will be playing The Hwy 99 Blues Club in Seattle for possibly the last time!! The landlord raised the rent on the club by $10,000, so it looks like Ed and Steve will be out of there by the beginning of next year. We're hoping that might change, and if not, that they find another site - but come down Friday and remember all the good times we had there while we make some new ones...

On Saturday, July 25th, we'll be at the Conway Muse in Conway, Washington. A great venue, and, weather permitting, we'll be jamming outside!

A blast from the past!

Duffy Bishop made the list of Top Ten Influential Bands From The Northwest!

 We've posted a link to the film "Who Is Duffy Bishop..." by Brian Johnson. See it on our links page.

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Duffy Bishop: Find Your Way Home


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